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Southwestern Bald Eagle Management Committee
Guiding Bald Eagle Management in Arizona

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AZ Game and Fish Department

1993 - 2015
  • Arizona Yearly Nestwatch Program Summary Reports

  • Arizona Bald Eagle Nest Surveys

  • Arizona Bald Eagle Winter Counts

  • Public Opinion Surveys About Arizona's Bald Eagle Management Program

  • Arizona Bald Eagle Nestwatch Program Management Recommendations

  • Arizona Bald Eagle Management Program Summary Reports
Conservation Assessment and Strategy for the Bald Eagle in Arizona

Memorandum of Understanding for the Conservation for the Bald Eagle in Arizona, signed April 4, 2014

Demographic Analysis of the Bald Eagle in Arizona

Bald Eagle Migration Study

Protecting an Arizona Treasure the Arizona Bald Eagle Management Program - Brochure

Pilots Can Help Protect the Bald Eagle in Arizona - Brochure

Pick It Up! Fishing Line Can Harm Wildlife, Monofilament Recovery Program - Flyer
Other Sources

Wintering Bald Eagle Trends in Northern Arizona, 1975-2000
Teryl G. Grubb
Southwestern Naturalist Journal 48 (2): 223-230.

Ecology of Bald Eagles in Arizona, 1992
Volume I-IV

Biosystems Analysis, Inc.

Arizona Bald Eagle Bibliography

Bald eagle sitting in the desert