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Southwestern Bald Eagle Management Committee
Guiding Bald Eagle Management in Arizona
Nest Location


Lynx Breeding Area
Nest Site: Lynx

Land Manager: U.S. Forest Service and private land owner

Drainage: Lynx Lake

Year Discovered: 2002

Elevation: 5560

Productivity: See Productivity Summaries


Closure Information: The restricted area is between Lynx Lake and Salida Gulch Trail (mostly north and south of the Johnís Tank Trail). The Lynx Lake Shore Trail will remain open for hiking as will the Salida Gulch Trail. The John's Tank Trail between these two trails is closed to public use.

Boundaries: Lynx Map

Quad Sheet:

Dates: March 5 to June 30

Contact: Prescott National Forest, Bradshaw Ranger District, (928) 443-8000

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