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Southwestern Bald Eagle Management Committee
Guiding Bald Eagle Management in Arizona
Bald Eagle Flying
Southwestern Bald Eagle Management Committee

In conjunction with the Arizona Bald Eagle Management Program of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, facilitates the management of the southwestern bald eagle in Arizona. It is our hope that this page will broaden your understanding of wildlife management and of the southwestern bald eagle. On this site, you will find what makes the southwestern bald eagle so unique, a scientific study that allows you to follow the flight of juveniles, and how you, too, can participate in eagle management.

Bald Eagles of the Sonoran Desert
The bald eagle population in the Sonoran Desert area of Central Arizona and northwestern Mexico was evaluated to determine if it is a distinct population and whether it should be listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended.
Nestwatcher at work
The Southwestern Bald Eagle Management Committee is composed of federal, state, tribal and private entities whose support help to ensure long-term conservation of the bald eagle in Arizona. Help us protect the Arizona bald eagle population.

One way you can help is by honoring the closure of 27 areas across Arizona during bald eagle breeding season. The breeding areas are closed for part of the year, beginning in December, and some are located near popular recreation sites.
Bald Eagle Closure Sign